The City of Water

The City of Water

Due to the nature of our work, we are very fortunate to spend so much time surrounded by beautiful things and in spectacular surroundings - a recent site visit to Venice was no exception to this. In fact, it surpassed all expectations.

Our client's house sits right on the canal's edge, so we travelled largely by boat - with clear blue skies and with none of the high season crowds we felt a million miles from our London commute. Absolute heaven.

Italy is renowned for its outstanding Classical and Renaissance art and architecture - but the Venetian style sets itself apart from this and is so wonderfully intriguing. It's architecture is rich and diverse, with it's distinctive Gothic style being a result of the city's strong influences from both the East and the West.

This juxtaposition of Western and Ottoman influence results in an extremely unique style - The Doge's Palace stands out as a prime example of this, with its distinctive Gothic arches and Moorish windows.

With limited time on our hands, we admired the city from the water - the reflections only adding to the beauty of our surroundings. There really is so much more to discover - fortunately our team will be spending a significant amount of time in Venice in coming months. So, until next time...Ciao!