In Fair Verona

In Fair Verona

Verona is at the centre of the world's marble trade, and at least once a quarter we venture over there to explore its wonderful mass of vast stone yards, full of exquisite marble that you won't be able to find anywhere in London, if not the world.

When it comes to choosing marble and stone for interiors projects, there is much to consider - from the varying prices to the visual impact they will have on a space. Which is why for each project we travel to the stone yards to see what is available and choose the exact slabs we want to use.

The sheer size of these yards can make the task seem overwhelming, but it is glorious to see the stone in its original form - before its cut and polished. These raw blocks and slabs are a reminiscent of the more classical architectural use of the material - and all the wonderful buildings they have created over time. 

We have always loved using interesting marble in our projects, and in recent years we have noticed our clients becoming bolder in their choices. This allows us to have some fun when sourcing and explore everything that these wonderful stone yards have to offer.

Each of the yards specialise in a different type of stone, and every time we go we fall in love with something new. 

We are forever in awe of this magnificent natural and noble material, that continues to stand the test of time and brings our projects to life.